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How can I apply?

The head of the department (or f.e. the secretary) where you are working, has to apply for housing with SSH&. The application form must be signed by this person.
You cannot apply for housing yourself. The reason for this is that the department where you are working will pay for any cancellation costs or rent arrears.
As soon as we have received your application, the contact person will be informed by us about the availability. When an apartment is available for the requested period it will be immediately reserved. The confirmation letter will be send to the contact person by email. Our rules regarding the cancellation will start to work at that moment.

Guesthouse 1 month till 1 year

Rental agreements can be signed for the minimum period of 1 month and maximum period of 1 year. The contract will only start as of the first or sixteenth of every month.


The reservation has to be cancelled in writing (post or email) and is free of charge until 1 month before the rental period starts.

You can terminate the rental agreement by the fifteenth day or last day of each month with due regard to a notice period of one month. SSH& should be in receipt of the notification at least one month before the date on which the agreement is terminated.
We cannot make any exceptions to this rule.
We will charge you 1 month rent if we do not receive the cancellation in time!

Proof of income

The government of the Netherlands requires us to request a proof of Dutch income from all tenants.
More information about the proof of income can be found here.

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