The results

Every week on Wednesday no later than 17.00 pm, the one who has been allocated the apartment, will be made known on our website: results allocated rooms. The person who has been allocated the room, will receive an e-mail offer from us. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that we have your correct email address! 

In order to accept this offer, you must still belong to our target group, meaning that you must be able to show us an employment contract or official declaration (from your Dutch employer) that demonstrates that you are still a PhD student. This document must not be more than six months old. 

It’s important to only respond to a posting if you’re certain that you can accept it! So make sure you have a proper proof of you PhD status and respond in time. If you do not accept the offer you cannot react on rooms for the period of 10 weeks. 

Have you heard of Simon?
Our app Ask Simon contains all information about your complex, your caretaker, and how you can contact us. Ask Simon is available for Android and IOS and you can download it for free! This makes it easy to find the answer to your questions about SSH&.
Turn on your push notifications! This way you stay informed of the (maintenance) work and malfunctions in your complex.


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