Contract information

SSH& Rental agreement
Your SSH& rental agreement is a contract made specially for students, the so-called “campus contract”.
Each year, we check to see whether you are still participating in a study programme. Have you finished your studies? Then it is time to free up your room for a student on the waiting list. You will have to vacate your room before 1 August of the next year.

Cancellation period
Do you want to cancel your rental agreement? That is possible. The cancellation period is one month in advance. The end date can never be a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The last rental day cannot be a bank holiday, either.

We provide you with a digital rental agreement. This means that you will review, accept, and sign this online. You will make your first rental payment online as well.

Rental agreement signing fee
If you accept a room, we charge a one-time fee. This amounts to €40.00.

Log in to review the details of your room and, if available, the rental agreement.