My rental has been cancelled. What do I do now?

Your room will be inspected by the caretaker twice.

When terminating your rental agreement you notifie us when you won’t be able to be present when your caretaker does the preliminary check-up of your room. During the preliminary check-up, we will tell you how you’re expected to leave the room on your final day. We will also assess if there are things that need to be repaired after you’ve left. Your room doesn’t have to be empty at the preliminary check-up. However, it’s important that you are present that day.

You will receive a confirmation on the check-up appointment via mail within two business days.

The final check-up will be scheduled during the preliminary check-up of yor room. Your room has to be clean and empty on the date of the final check-up. You’ll also hand in your keys with your caretaker that day.

One day after your departure you will receive a survey. Can you fill in this survey? We can use this to help improve our services.

Please provide your new address to the municipality, to Entree, and to SSH& if you have not yet done so.

Are you paying via automatic debit? This will stop on its own after you leave.

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