Who is the lucky winner? - The results!

Are you the lucky winner? If so, you will receive an e-mail from us with all the information you need.

Log in via My SSH& I rent. Upload your proof of study (2018-2019 academic year) before the requested date.

Are you moving internally? If so, then we also require an approval statement from your complex manager. To do this, you must make an appointment with them yourself. The rental contract of your current room will be cancelled when you sign the new rental contract.

Did we receive all your information? Log in via My SSH& I rent again and pay the first rent and administration fee via iDEAL. After this you sign your rental agreement online.

The person who is in first place will be offered the room. If this person declines the room, then we will offer it to the next in line. We do this for up to three weeks after the publication date. After that, we will offer the room again via the housing selection.

Week 42 results

Single rooms, first-year students

The rooms will be allocated to first year students (2019/2020) based on the registration date and travel time priority.

If you do not have travel time priority, you will see on My SSH& that your housing coupon is rejected. As of January 2020 you will see your ranking, because we do not take travel time priority into account.   

adres complex aantal reacties inschrijf-datum inschrijf- nummer  
Vossendijk 81 K3 Vossenveld 98 16-12-2018 141580  
Professor Bromstraat 35 K12 Hoogeveldt 81 11-1-2019 142071  
Professor Bromstraat 39 K5 Hoogeveldt 64 19-1-2019 142207  
Professor Bromstraat 40 K8 Hoogeveldt 77 7-1-2019 141975  
Professor Bromstraat 72 K1 Hoogeveldt 86 16-1-2019 142175  

Single rooms

adres complex aantal reacties inschrijf-datum inschrijf- nummer  
Groesbeekseweg 351 A21 Mariënbosch 252 6-7-2005 67839  
Pastoorstraat 12 K3 Pastoorstraat 22 24-10-2017 131847  
Zoomstraat 40 Zoomstraat 60 2-11-2016 124685  

Double rooms

adres complex aantal reacties inschrijfnr. Prs. 1 inschrijfnr. Prs. 2 punten samen
Pegasusplaats 213 Proosdij 67 114881 115395 108
Sophiaweg 36 Westerhelling 27 130136 99816 60

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