Living together

Living together

Living together

Living together with your boyfriend or girlfriend? That is possible! When you register, you can also register your partner on the spot. As a couple, you can respond to residences suitable for two persons.

Please note: you can only respond to a residence suitable for two persons in Nijmegen if one of you is already living with SSH&. In Arnhem you can also react on double apartments if you both do not live with SSH& yet. 

Are you registered separately but want to look for accommodation together? Then complete the ‘Samenvoegen inschrijving’ (combining registration) form. 

Cancelling your partner’s registration
Are you no longer a couple, or would you like to look for accommodation on your own? You can split your combined registration. To do so, use the splitsingsformulier (form to split a registration).
Your combined registration will be cancelled and you will both have an individual registration with SSH&. You will both receive a confirmation as soon as the form has been processed.


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