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Housing Arnhem

Housing Arnhem

You are starting your studies in Arnhem and you would like to move to a room here. We understand that all too well because Arnhem has a lot to offer for its students. The nice places like the fashion district, the Korenmarkt, and the Gelredome will make your student time even better. Together with your housemates and fellow students, a wonderful time in Arnhem is guaranteed. 

Life as a student in Arnhem

Arnhem has a lot to offer, but the city is also practical for students renting a room in Arnhem. From the Presikhaaf station, you can reach the HAN campus in no time. With over 9,000 students and 100+ cafes, the city comes alive in the evening, and there is plenty to do. Besides fun, Arnhem is practical for students as well. The city has a unique bus system making it easy to get around. If you want to rent a room in Arnhem, you will see that a room is not that expensive compared to other cities in the Netherlands.   

Your own place

Moving into rooms in the city where you are studying is, of course, great fun. That bit of freedom and independence is also part and parcel of studying. SSH& is the place to be for student housing in Arnhem. A few years ago we started out as a student housing company in Nijmegen and have since grown into the largest student housing company in Arnhem and Nijmegen. Of course, we are also open to related target groups and people who might want to stay here for a shorter time. 

Responding to the offer

To make sure that everyone has a fair chance at getting their room of choice we use a draw system. To be able to participate in the draw of a room, you need to create a free profile on our website. You also need to be in possession of a valid proof of study. In Arnhem, you can apply directly to our rooms and residences. The new offer comes online every week on Wednesday at 12:00. You can take place in one individual draw each week.

This page explains the drawing system in more detail.

We are happy to help you find a nice, safe and affordable home during your time as a student in Arnhem. Register and get a chance to win a room every week. SSH&, the place to be for student residences in Arnhem.