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Where is the complex?

Charming building on the corner of the Apeldoornseweg and the Sint Marten. It involves two houses in a single building, each with its own front door. 
The building is close to Sonsbeek park in the Klarendal neighbourhood. Ideally situated, with both the central station and city centre within walking distance. The right of co-option applies to this building. This means that the residing house mates have the right to select any new occupant. 

What kind of rooms are available?

Through the entrance on the Apeldoornseweg, you enter the basement and ground floor. The Apeldoornseweg has 7 rooms with one shared kitchen (basement).
The house on Sint Marten street has a total of 10 rooms, located on the 1st and 2nd floors and in the attic. The rooms vary in size between 11 m2 and 23 m2. Each floor has its own pantry (the attic occupants use the facilities on the 2nd floor). The gas stove in the kitchen has 4 burners and an oven. Both houses have 2 bathrooms and 2 separate toilets. You have your own sink in your room. You are expected to put in your own floor (sometimes you may be lucky and the departing occupant leaves something behind). Some rooms on the ground floor and 1st floor have a mezzanine (raised floor portion). The mezzanine has a height of around 1.80m. 

Do you want to change something in your room? It’s possible. However, you should contact the caretaker of the complex about what you may and may not do in the room. 

What extras are there?

  • You can park your bike in the shed in the front or back garden.
  • Wireless internet is arranged by the tenants themselves
  • The white goods are owned by the existing occupants and differ per property.

Is there a lift?

No, there is no lift.

I have a car. Can I park it around there?

There is paid parking in the immediate vicinity or you can request a parking permit from the municipality. 

What do I pay for a room?

Are you curious about your monthly rent? Take a look at the housing on offer. Rent allowance is not possible.


Besides complex caretakers, you will also meet customer managers at your complex. The customer managers are your first point of contact and will work with you towards creating a good living environment at your complex. They will also ensure that you are engaged in projects or other matters that are relevant for your complex. The complex caretakers will focus on the everyday maintenance of the complexes, and are the first point of contact for any companies we work with. As the managers and caretakers work closely together, they can provide you with even better service. Our page about the different offices contains information about who the customer managers and complex caretakers are at your complex. Feel free to talk to them if you have any questions!


  • City Arnhem
  • Complex Apeldoornseweg


  • House type Onzelfstandig

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