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We are currently renovating this complex. More information can be found on the right side.

Where is the complex?

The Heidepark complex is located at the edge of Goffertpark. Do you like running, hiking, reading in the grass, or going to concerts? You can do it all at Goffertpark! The complex is not far from the educational institutions and you can cycle to the centre of Nijmegen in just ten minutes.

What kind of rooms are there?

The complex has in total 143 independent single apartments. Each apartment has its own kitchen, shower, and toilet. What more could you want?
The complex used to consist of 106 independent single apartments. In 2021 we realized 35 new student rooms on top of the building; the third floor. On the first and second floor we made two extra rooms.

Pay attention: with these 37 new rooms you have to arrange a floor and the paint work yourself!

What kind of amenities are there?

  • There is a small common room in which you and the other tenants can spend time together. Getting to know your neighbours is great. We will make some rules regarding how to use this common area.
  • There is also a small other area where you can meet each other. 
  • There is a shared washing machine on site as well. On the top floor there is a washing machine and dryer per hallway.
  • Induction cooking is used in the new apartments. Pay attetion if you are going to use the right saucepan
  • Some apartments have sun screens.

Is there a lift?

No, there is no lift.

I have a car. Can I park at this complex?

You can park your car for free. There is plenty of space at the complex or along the street.

What will I pay for a room?

Are you curious about what you will be paying each month? Please view our housing selectionRent benefit (huurtoeslag) is possible.


Besides complex caretakers, you will also meet customer managers at your complex. The customer managers are your first point of contact and will work with you towards creating a good living environment at your complex. They will also ensure that you are engaged in projects or other matters that are relevant for your complex. The complex caretakers will focus on the everyday maintenance of the complexes, and are the first point of contact for any companies we work with. As the managers and caretakers work closely together, they can provide you with even better service. Our page about the different offices contains information about who the customer managers and complex caretakers are at your complex. Feel free to talk to them if you have any questions!


  • City Nijmegen
  • Complex Heidepark


  • Bicycle shed Yes
  • Elevator No
  • Parking space Yes


  • House type Zelfstandig

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