Change allocation rooms as of July 2020

As of 1 July 2020 you will have a chance to get a room with SSH& every week! Starting in the new academic year, we will be allocating rooms and residences through a lottery. We would like to explain why we are changing our policy. 

From waiting to a lottery
Did you know that a first-year student waits an average of 12 months for a room at SSH&? And that a senior student may even have to wait almost 5 years for housing? Add that all to the fact that students are studying for shorter periods of time and are moving into rooms later. A system with long wait times is therefore no longer in line with current student life. That’s why we are going to do things differently. SSH& wants an easy, accessible, and fair system for allocating rooms. As of 1 July 2020 we will be holding a lottery as an allocation method for available rooms and residences. 

A lottery is nice, but how does it work?
SSH& rents out many rooms (shared), but also residences (independent living). In our new allocation system we are also making a distinction between these two. Are you not a tenant of SSH& yet? If not, you are only entering into the drawing for rooms. 

We post new offers to our website every week. You can respond to one room (or residence as soon as you are living with us) every week.

You can only respond if you are a student. You cannot respond to the offer without a valid proof of study. For you, as a prospective student, this means that you cannot respond until the summer of 2020, when you have a valid proof of study.
Do you want to live in Arnhem? In that case, you can apply for residences as well as rooms. You do not need to be a current tenant of SSH&. This is because we have more residences than rooms in Arnhem.

We will not be allocating rooms with nomination rights (co-option) by lottery. The other flatmates choose a new tenant there themselves. There are opportunities here for you too!

Registration is free!
From 1 July 2020 registration as an accommodation seeker is free. You only pay when you have found a room (or residence) with us. 

New rules for travel time priority
Students who live far away are given priority in the new system at SSH& too. If you travel for over two hours (total travel time with public transportation from your home address to Nijmegen Central Station), you qualify for travel time priority. But what does that mean? As a home seeker, you can apply for all rooms. Travel time priority also gives you exclusive access to the lottery of available rooms in our Vossenveld complex (Nijmegen). There is no travel time priority complex in Arnhem. 

Expansion of short-stay rooms
We will be expanding the number of short-stay in the near future. A few of those will also be available for regular students soon. This way, there is a larger (temporary) selection available at the start of each academic year. An ideal solution for students who have to travel for a long time. The allocation is also done here through a lottery, but without specific priority for travel time priority. 

Increase your chances!
Of course, you will soon be in the SSH& lottery every week. You may even end up with your ideal room. But what if you are not so lucky? Did you know that nearly 50% of students find their room through friends and family? So as a (prospective) student, make sure to start building your network. Tell everyone you are looking for a room. Join Facebook groups, or sign up with a student association. 

Transitional arrangement
With this new method of allocating rooms, you lose your "waiting time" as an accommodation seeker, and you no longer have direct access to residences (as a non-tenant of SSH& you can only participate in the lottery for a room). If you’ve been waiting for a residence for years, this is disappointing! For this reason, we are switching to a one-time transitional arrangement for a specific group of accommodation seekers. This transitional arrangement is meant for accommodation seekers that have been registered for more than 4 years and do not already live with SSH&. They can participate in the lottery for residences (instead of just rooms) from 1 July 2020 to 1 July 2021. You still have to be a student, of course. Are you an SSH& tenant already? If so, then you can already respond to all student accommodation (independent living) and you do not need this transitional arrangement.

You can find the Frequently Asked Questions on our website. Do you have a question? Take a look there first. Your question (and answer) might be there already. Don’t see your question there? Feel free to e-mail us. 

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