Student rooms in Nijmegen and Arnhem

Students of all kinds come to live at SSH&. These are students who urgently need a student room in Arnhem or Nijmegen, international students, and students who want to pursue a Master’s or minor in Nijmegen or Arnhem. Students who want to immerse themselves in the hustle and bustle and want to live in the middle of the city amidst bars and pubs. All these students have one thing in common, however different they are. They are all looking for a place of their own: they want to live independently in a housing complex. Are you looking for a nice student room? Check our room offers via the orange button below. 

The rooms on offer are listed here every week from Thursday 12.00 noon to Tuesday 12.00 noon.

How do I express my interest in a room?

  • If you’re a student, you can respond.
  • Log in on to My SSH& I search.
  • Respond to two rooms.
  • Your registration period lapses when you’re offered a room. So only respond if you’re actually interested in the room! 
  • You can be offered the room of your choice up to three weeks after it was first advertised.

The results are announced on Wednesday at 12.00 noon at the latest. View the results.

At this moment moving to a room of SSH& is still possible, despite the coronacrisis. Of course SSH& has taken measures to avoid social contact (as much as possible).


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