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Cancelling the rental agreement

We are sad to see you go. Did you enjoy your time with us?
If you cancel your rental agreement, we will contact you to inform you about what you have to do before you leave.
The cancellation period is one month in advance. The end date can never be a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The last rental day cannot be a bank holiday, either.

Are you an international short stay student at the RU, HAN or VHL living in a furnished room*? In principle you cannot terminate your rental contract. 
You can find information about the rules which apply to you in your own rental contract. Therefore, please first check article 7 of your rental contract. In this article you can read if you can terminate your contract and as of which date.
If so, please fill out the cancellation form. You can only us this form. Do not log in to use another form!
* Rooms in the complexes Hoogeveldt, Vossenveld, Galgenveld, Talia, Boeckstaetehof, Sterrenbosch, Helix and Leeuwensteinplein.

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