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How does the lottery work?

Publicatiedatum: 14-07-2020

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As you probably know, we will soon change from an allocation system based on waiting time to a system based on a lottery for allocating available rooms and residences. This is a big change we already announced in October 2019. A lottery? How does that actually work? Check our video!

Switch to the new system
In order to make the switch to our new system possible, we will not publish any offerings between 14 and 22 July. On Wednesday 22 July we will publish rooms and residences in our new system for the first time. These will be allocated based on a lottery system. Thus, as of 22 July 2020 you will have a chance to get a room with SSH& every week!

Transitional arrangement and priority for Sterrenbosch and Gouverneur 
Students who do not yet live with SSH&, but who were already registered before 01 October 2015, use a transitional arrangement. They can participate in a lottery for residences, instead of just rooms, until 22 July 2021 (instead of 01 July 2021). These students will temporarily get priority for the residences Gouverneur and Sterrenbosch over students who already live with SSH& and who respond to these residences as well. 

Received your proof of study? You can respond!
We only rent to students. Therefore, it is not useful to respond to rooms or residences without a valid proof of study. Will you be a first-year student in the next academic year? Then you can already respond with your proof of study for the new academic year. Have you not received your proof of study yet? Then you must wait a little bit longer before you can respond to our offerings. 

Are you already studying in Arnhem or Nijmegen or have you had a gap year? Then you are considered a senior student. Until mid-August, you can upload your proof of study for the current academic year. Your proof of study for the new academic year will only be accepted after 15 August. 

We will not be allocating rooms with nomination rights (co-option) by lottery.
We also rent rooms in student residences where our tenants have the right to nominate a new tenant themselves (co-option). We do not publish these rooms on our website, but our tenants usually advertise them in various Facebook groups or on other websites. There are opportunities here for you too! From 01 July you can already be nominated for housing with co-option.

Do you have any questions?
We would be happy to answer these. You can reach us by phone (024) 359 49 39 or e-mail infosshnnl. Or send us a Facebook message!


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