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You can’t avoid it anymore: Ask Simon!

Publication date: 02-04-2021

IMPORTANT NEWS! Haven’t installed our Ask Simon app on your smartphone yet? Then read on quickly...

Starting from 15 April, you will no longer receive e-mails from us about maintenance work and disruptions in your student complex. We will only keep you updated via the Ask Simon app. Please note: you will receive a personal e-mail when work activities take place in your room or residence. Download the app now from the App Store or Google Play!

In the Ask Simon app, you will find all the information about your complex. From 15 April onwards, it will be the only place where you will find when there is maintenance work or disruptions. The app tells you exactly what and when! It is very convenient, as nobody likes an unexpected disturbance. Would you like to be notified when you get an important message? Then enable the push notifications. That way, you won’t miss anything!

  • Download the Ask Simon app
  • Enable push notifications
  • Always up-to-date!

Web version
Don’t have a smartphone? Having problems downloading the app? You can also use the web version of our app: Please note that you will not receive any push notifications.

So, no more e-mails from SSH&?
Starting from 15 April, you will no longer receive messages about maintenance work and disruptions by e-mail. We will continue to communicate personal messages by e-mail for the time being. Think of the settlement of your service costs or the annual rent increase. And when we have to be in your room or residence. Do you have any questions?

Questions, tips or feedback? Please let us know. The app will soon be used for the first time to inform you of maintenance work and disruptions. For us, this is an important first test phase. We value the opinions of our tenants. Do you have any tips or ideas on how the app could be improved? This feedback is also more than welcome. In 6 months’ time, we will ask you for your opinion on Ask Simon via a survey. You can reach us by phone (024) 359 49 39 or e-mail infosshnnl

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