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Wherever possible, we collaborate with other organisations in order to achieve our objectives. Here, we have listed some of our most important partners.

Mooiland housing corporation

We have collaborated with Mooiland housing corporation for some time in order to realise new student housing units. Mooiland is the owner of a number of the townhouses that SSH& manages and rents out. Together with Mooiland, we created the new construction and impressive transformation of the Mariënbosch complex. Mooiland owns half of that complex.

Commanditaire Vennootschap

Heyendaal Commanditaire Vennootschap Heyendaal (CV - a type of limited partnership) was founded on 6 July 2007 in order to match our investment intentions, along with partners Stichting Woningcorporaties Het Gooi en Omstreken and Woningstichting Ons Huis. The Gouverneur residential complex was developed in this CV and was completed and opened in October 2009. Agreements were established within the company. Each corporation takes on one third of the investment at its own expense. The CV was founded for a period of 50 years, with clear agreements regarding participation, management, repayments, and exit conditions. The results of the CV for the SSH& part (1/3) have been consolidated in the profit and loss statement.  

Kences, knowledge centre and trade organisation for student housing

Since its inception in November 1999, we have participated in the Kences foundation. Kences was established as an overarching body for student housing in the broadest sense of the word. Kences is the premier partnership of student housing providers in the Netherlands.
The participating organisations provide housing for roughly 85,000 students. Student housing is a world of its own that requires specific knowledge and a customised approach. The power of Kences is the broad, collective knowledge and experience of its participants and partners in the field of student housing.
Kences stays on top of the developing needs in higher education and, via its participants and partners, creates sufficient, suitable, and affordable student housing.
The Kences participants and partners collaborate in the following areas:

  • Advocacy  
  • Knowledge development 
  • Knowledge sharing 
  • Purchasing

Higher Education

Radboud University and the HAN University of Applied Sciences are our foremost “stakeholders”, in addition to the municipalities of Nijmegen & Arnhem and our tenant organisation Stichting Platform Huurdersbelangen (SPH). We have made agreements regarding the housing of international students and guests. Each year, we also have a board meeting regarding the current developments in educational institutions, such as the number of new enrolments and the accompanying demand for housing.

Municipalities of Nijmegen and Arnhem and the Province of Gelderland

We work well together with the municipalities of Nijmegen and Arnhem. Each year, we make agreements with the municipalities and our tenant organisation SPH with regard to our performance. The Province of Gelderland sometimes contributes financially to the realisation of special projects. This is often done in collaboration with the relevant municipality. An example of such financial contributions is the provision of a grant to implement our most recent transformation project in Arnhem, the former Rijkswaterstaat tower (currently called the Helix tower). The Municipality of Arnhem contributed to this project as well.

Performance agreements Nijmegen

Performance agreements Arnhem

Nijmegen corporations

We participate in the Platform Nijmeegse Woningcorporaties (PNW). PNW is a collaboration of housing corporations in Nijmegen. We seek each other out for questions that extend beyond organisational boundaries. We also work with PNW during the annual round of performance agreements with the Municipality of Nijmegen.

Student City Arnhem

Arnhem distinguishes itself with the name “Studiestad Arnhem” (study city Arnhem) as a bustling city of academics. The Arnhem Studiestad programme is carried out by the Municipality of Arnhem and the local higher education institutions. SSH& actively contributes to this as a member of the Housing project group.

Furthermore, SSH& works together with the housing corporation Vivare, from whom we rent two complexes, which we subsequently rent out to students. It is our ambition to become the premier student housing provider in Arnhem as well.

Aedes, housing corporation association

We are a member of Aedes, the trade association for housing corporations in the Netherlands. As a trade association, Aedes represents the interests of its members to acquire the best conditions, which includes allowing corporations to perform their social duties. Aedes works together with the government, political parties, and interest organisations in the Netherlands and abroad to accomplish this. Aedes also has offices in Brussels. There, Aedes lobbies for beneficial legal, tax-related, and financial conditions for social housing at the European level. Aedes also represents the interests of its members in their roles as employers to the 25,000 corporation employees in the Netherlands. As an employers’ organisation, Aedes negotiates with trade unions to establish a collective labour agreement (CAO).